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January 14, 2019

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Ways in Which Mindfulness Can Help You Pass Your Pre-Employment Drug Screening
Are you recovering from substance abuse. If this is actually the case you should not be worried as most adults deal with drug abuse disorder. Recovering from substance abuse is quite difficult if you are in the job market. It is easy to constantly worry that your will relapse right before an important drug screening. This is a common worry for most people in the job market, but you should not worry as there are some things that can be done in order to make the things smoother.
Mindfulness based relapse prevention is something that can make this process quite easy. Mindfulness based relapse is important mostly to people who are in the job market. However, if you are worried about having a relapse outlined here are some few steps that you can take before you take a pre-employment drug test.
As a patient you should start meditating daily. Meditations can help you to actually control your addictive thoughts. Meditating daily also helps treat the cause of your addiction such as depression or anxiety. In order meditation can be effective it only requires a few moments of you day. The effects of meditation can’t be observed immediately but in the long run. On the other hand if you are worried about how to start your meditations there are is a ton of different apps, books and resources on the web to aid you with your meditation specifically for addiction recovery.
Secondly, you need to practice urge surfing. If you want to start something more than meditation you should consider urge surfing. This method recognizes that impulses to relapsing come and go just like waves. When you are actually conscious as an addict and you feel like you need to take the drugs you should try as much as possible to resist substance abuse. This can help you ride through the feeling instead of acting impulsive and going back to the bad habits. Research done can confirm that impulses last only 15-20 minutes. If you can be able to avoid this urge “wave” you can beat the impulse and avoid relapse.
On to the last tip take an at home test. If you have tried both meditation and urge surfing and hopefully realized they are effective you are ready to take any drug test that comes your way. On the other hand if you are uneasy about the practice you should try taking the test at home so that you can stop the worries. You can decide to buy a drug test such as rapid test on the pharmacy These tests are quite accurate and can give you red light on whether to go on with the test or not.