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January 14, 2019

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Executive Coaching and Its Importance in Today’s Corporate World

It is observed that the modern corporate managers nowadays are becoming more and more interested to join sessions about corporate executive coaching. Executive coaching has various definition, and in the case of executive coaching series, the activity is conducted by a specially trained coach who will handle and train one client at a time. This coaching series can be made up of eight and up to twelve sessions, with each lasting for an hour long but not longer than an hour and a half, since it is observed that the client will lose focus if the time is already beyond this.

The outcomes and focus of executive coaching has similarity to that of an executive education, with the goal of providing the client a great learning experience that will help them move their career on a forward direction. Clients in executive coaching are helped to attain the goals of achieving challenging and inspiring goals that will equip them to move forward in the executive careers they hope for. Note that in this activity, the executive is the one who is the driving factor of the entire process that will lead them to attain success in the coaching series they are taking.

The role of the coach during the executive coaching is that one of a mentor, teacher, support person and advisor, and at no point will impose his or her agenda on the client being coached. For this reason, there is no pushing or manipulating on the side of the coach for his or her client, even if the course of action that will be suggested would be for a better result. Suggestions of ideas may happen in the process of the coach for the client, but not to the point of pushing the client from diverting away from his or her own direction set. This is one point about executive coaching where the executive takes the responsibility of his or her action, similar to the actual work environment.

Results is the ultimate goal of executive coaching and not only about the process or program. The ultimate goal of executive coaching is results, which will help the client to think, communicate and lead in ways that will improve the personal and organizational results. Executive coaching is viewed as an art and not a science, where the role of a good executive coach is to develop the ability of the client to think and effectively act.

In executive coaching, a set of model or program may not work for all clients and thus the executive coach will have to tailor each program to the client.
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