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January 14, 2019

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Some Tips in Finding a Good Math Tutor

The reality is that there are Math tutors who are not fully competent in the subject they are teaching. You should choose a Math tutor who your child who is truly knowledgeable about the subject and is able to impart it in a way that the child understands. There have been students who were under tutorship who barely made it through the Math course.

There should be communication between the tutor and your child’s Math teacher. This way the teacher can inform the tutor the specific information on the course and what you child should be learning. There are many tutors who teach Math to their students detached from what is being taken up in schools or what they need to study for the coming test. You should not rely on the student to communicate this to his tutor. Make it your responsibility to make sure that the tutor and the teacher are constantly communicating.

Monitor the tutoring time and find out if the time is being well spend on learning Math. Make sure that the tutor and your child are not talking about other areas of interest. A good tutor is friendly and pleasant but when it comes to the job, he should be someone who uses his time well.

It is important that your child and the tutor has good chemistry. IF there is good, clear communication between the tutor and your child, then reinforcement of lessons can truly happen. You have to check out the quality of the tutor carefully.

If you are looking for a Math tutor, the best way to find one is through recommendations from people you trust. You can also ask for recommendations from your child’s Math tutor, from parents who had success with Math tutoring, or from the school administration.

Don’t immediately get a Math tutor if you child does not really need one but getting a Math tutor should be your last resort. Sometimes a child simply needs reinforcement or repeated explanation and this can be done by his own Math teacher if he has spare time to do so. An older sibling or you yourself can do the reinforcement. Studying Math together can be a good way of having fun together. If it is only for doing his homework then a tutor might not be the right person if he only needs to be guided on how to answer the problems. Your child needs a Mat tutor to help him grasp the basic concepts in Math so that he can build up on it in later Math subjects.

It is also important to ask how much the tutor charges for his services. You will be charged on an hourly basis by most tutors. It will cost more if you are getting a tutor for advanced levels of instruction and if the tutor is more experienced and educated. You can find many variations in how they charge for their services. The main thing is that you are getting valuable tutoring done.

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