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January 14, 2019


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Storage Tips for Tea Leaves and Fruits

It is essential to store tea leaves and fruits in the right place so that they may preserve their freshness. If you fail to store the tea leaves correctly, they will lose their flavor quickly. The taste of the tea leaves will also be lost even after using it for several weeks after purchase. You should know how tore store tea leaves and fruits even before you decide to buy. The best thing to do is to buy a small amount of tea on a regular basis rather than purchasing large amounts of it. The tea will be consumed well before it reaches it expires. When you choose to buy tea in large amounts, you should check the expiry dates first. The tea will lose its stale and taste when it reaches its expiry date and the only thing you will have to do is to throw it away. Whatever quality of tea you buy be keen to check the expiry dates so that you may enjoy the tea for an extended period.

Moisture, air, light and extreme heat should never come into contact with tea and fruits. Storing tea leaves in dry and cool areas will be the best thing. Tea leaves may also be stored in containers that are airtight. The best container that you may use to store tea is ceramic jar or tin. Although glass jars might be used, they should be kept away from direct sunlight. The reason as to why you should store tea leaves away from sunlight because it makes the tea to fade.

The tea leaves have a little moisture, and if they are exposed to the air, they dry out, and that’s why those containers need to be airtight. The little moisture that these tea leaves have is what that makes them retain their freshness. If they get exposed to the air or sun, the moisture may evaporate which in turn will make the leaves brittle. The tea leaves will not provide their taste because if they get dry, they don’t rehydrate even the hot water.

Although some tea leaves lose their flavor even after six months tea should be used for around six months. If you buy the green, white or yellow tea, you should use it as soon as possible because they stay fresh for only a short period. Buying those types of teas in small quantities is the best thing if you would like to enjoy their taste and flavor. There is a type of tea called black tea that is known to remain fresh even after one year. Storing tea in the right place won’t keep it fresh forever, and for this reason, you should always consume when its fresh because it has the best taste. However, there are other types of teas like Sheng Pu-erh that taste better after they are stored for a more extended period.

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