Benefits Of Choosing Serviced Office Space For Short Term Businesses

January 4, 2019

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A decadent and spacious office space is a must to produce efficient work and to positively stimulate the workforce. While it may sound like a trivial point, scientific research has shown that stuffy and congested work environment can adversely affect the mindset of the human resource that eventually affects the work output.

A serviced office is a concept in which in which the employer only needs to hire the office space that is conveniently located in a corporate building and is fully-setup with all the basic amenities needed to run an office. While the idea was solely restricted to start-ups once upon a time, they are now gaining favor among other more established companies as well.

The owners of the office space often rent out whole floors or a single office space as per the need of their clients for competitive prices and for flexible timings. The office space for rent concept is gaining massive popularity among the multiple start-ups as well as plenty of MNCs mostly because they don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up an entire office.

The global trend that has been picking up this trend of executive offices has affected India as well where serviced office space is steadily increasing. Here are a few benefits of renting office space:

Saves Money

Business owners have shown a tentative shift towards serviced office space in India because they know where to invest their money. The service offices come along equipped with a set of furniture and basic amenities and the business owners do not have to go through the hassle of setting everything up from the scratch. This means there is no waiting time for construction and can allow impromptu move-in.

Flexible License Period

There is usually no lock-in period for the service office, unlike other office buildings. So, if the company wishes to shift to a different place or city, it can do so without paying any monetary compensation. This ideal for industries that stay mostly mobile and need to change locations on short notice periods.

Access to All Amenities

Every conceivable amenity that is needed to run a business is provided, ranging from Private Workspace to meeting rooms and maintenance services. The package is complete with a number of other services that are taken as per the need of the client. The price is low and competitive and justifies the ease of use.

Expanding Opportunities

Expanding a business can be a tough process. Not only is there the requirement to increase the workforce, and on top of that, the search for a suitable location at an affordable price that can be set up as soon as possible. Service offices provide the unique opportunity to the companies to expand rapidly without having to worry about the workspace. Fully set up and ready to move in, these service offices help in the rapid expansion of businesses.

Services office spaces have been set up in a number of Business centres in India, creating a corporate network that also aids in better relationships and a wide networking circle besides providing flexible budgeting and ease of business.