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March 8, 2020


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All You Need to Know About Do-254 Training

Aircraft equipment is made using standards that are outlined in Do-25. Do-254 provide certification information in all level of the project such as planning, design, implementation, testing and validation. The standards are most used in reverse engineering of old equipment and new pieces of equipment. If you are dealing with airborne equipment,it is wise to understand the Do-254 standards.

The main objective of Do-254 training is to assist the student in understanding about Do-254 document. Also you get an insight about certification of aircraft equipment. Do-254 training is helpful before you embark on your Do-254 project to ensure that you make an equipment that is compliant with the set standard. The compliance cost will significantly reduce once you understand Do-254. Also, you learn how the direction of FAA and EASA on the Do-254 project. Click here to learn more about Do-254 training.

There are several experts who should undergo this training. Do-254 project and process manager are supposed to understand the document fully. Design, verification and quality assurance engineers also need to understand this document. The training can either be on the web or on a physical location.On the site of Afuzion, you get the whole course at fewer charges.

The Do-254 five main goals. First, it describes the procedures that are to be used in the design and verify the equipment. Also, Do-254 state the method that is specifically to be used in manufacture of the equipments. One more thing that you learn is how to create equipment that almost looks alike. The other goal of Do-254 is making sure that there is regular monitoring to ensure that the project is carefully managed. Finally, you get know about the documentation and certification of the project.

Do-254 compliance is divided into five significant level known as Design Assurance Level. The classification depends on the level of damage caused by the equipment failure. In level A, a hardware failure shall cause a catastrophic failure of the aircraft and thus it shall not be able to fly safely or land. Level B is a kind of failure that cause injuries to a specific percentage of the crew. level C only induce a state of discomfort to the crew. The other level is called level D which creat inconvenience to the people. The level of E which has no significant impact on capabilities of the aircraft.

There are a couple of benefits that you get once you incorporate Do-254 standard in your project. First, you make equipment that can successfully pass the quality test. Tools that pass the compliance have the benefit of reliability. Also, the equipment is reusable. Also you will ensure reasonable maintenance cost. Therefore, the cost of the organization tremendously reduces.

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