The 4 Most Unanswered Questions about News

September 7, 2019


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Merits of Internet News

Technology has made a lot of things a reality. The advancement in technology has been critical in the news area. Information is power and thus the speed at which you receive it as it unfolds is critical. For a long time, majority of people have always relied on print media news for information. Physical sources of news have their own challenges and hence they are not always dependable. With the advancement of time, most people are shifting from the olden newspapers to the internet news. Equivocally, there has been a growth in the number of online news sites offering live news to the listeners.

The main challenge with online news is that there is a lot of fake news sites that are on the rise and they can mislead listeners. The aspect of there being fake online news can be addressed by ensuring you recheck the link of the site where the information is coming from so that you know whether it is reliable or not. There are a lot of benefits that come about with online news and they are discussed below.

With online news, there is ease of access since you can read the information on any device for example, tablets, phones or PCs. Online news is also advantageous in that regardless of which location you are in, you can always get the information needed. If you want to read news from a print media source, maybe a magazine or journal, you have to make a purchase, with the case of online news, this is not necessary, you just need to have data and you can read the news.

Another merit with internet news is that the events are recent and everything is being posted as it is occurring, for the print media, you must wit until the next issue for that recent matter to be included there. With online site news, there is normally some extra links after the news section, a reader can tap on them if he wants to check the authenticity of the news he has just read. This allows users to confirm whether the news is reliable thus protecting you from fake news.

For magazines and newspapers a user has no way to check the authenticity of the information therein and hence he might be misdirected. Also, with online news it usually acts as a single coordinated source of news, for example, you can get different types of newspapers from a single site and this allows users to get varying perspectives of the various papers. Online news also tends to be economical in nature in terms of conserving the environment. Print sources of news require paper which comes from trees and this can harm the environment.

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