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September 2, 2019

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Reasons to Invest in EMP Protection Bags

Technology has improved life in so many ways, but it has also made life worse in other ways. There are so many areas we would not have advanced were it not for technology, but in other areas, we regret the presence of technology. You can see this in the threat of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack. You have the power to make sure that your devices are not affected, by getting EMP protection bags. Here are more reasons why you need to make the purchase.

It is hard to predict when next you will be facing an EMP attack. An EMP is a disruptive burst of energy that will knock out systems and devices that have electronic circuits in them, examples being power grids and microchips. You can see how such an event would cause such a huge loss, since most of what supports civilization has some form of electronic circuitry in them. An EMP presents itself as a massive solar flare, a nuclear explosion, or through a malicious attack as an EMP bomb.

EMP protection bags present the best defense should such an event happen. Their design is based on that of Faraday cages. There is a layer of silver or stainless steel threads used in the construction of the bag. That layer ensures that the pulses and waves do not reach the devices therein. They are much better than trying to use makeshift solutions in the face of such an attack.

There are different sizes for these bags. They are how you have options as to what you can secure in there. There is always the thought of how to survive an EMP attack for people to consider buying such bags. When you set out to buy these bags, consider what you want to secure. Those items need to be what will help you survive and thrive. You should therefore think of bags for your generator, communication devices, and other important survival items. On the normal daily life scenario, your concern should be preventing the effects of a malicious or accidental attack on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and such devices. You could otherwise lose everything saved on your laptop. That would derail your work considerably.

There is nothing out there that can give you the same level of protection. You should test a bag before purchasing. The test is simple, where you place a phone in the bag. If you call it and it goes through, that bag had no proper EMP protection. Where the call fails no matter how many times you try, the bag offers the right level of EMP protection.

EMP attacks, by their nature, are hard to predict. You may not prevent such an attack, but you can see to it that your devices survive. EMP protection bags are the way to do so.

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