Why Dispensaries Need Credit Card Processing Capabilities

January 14, 2019


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There is a common misconception that dispensary owners are not allowed to accept credit cards. The reality is that while dispensaries are, in fact, considered to be operating within a high-risk industry, they can still accept cards. It’s just more difficult to find a financial institute that will offer them a line of credit.

When it comes to dispensaries credit card processing ability can make an incredible difference in how much business the dispensary does and how easily it is able to grow and thrive, though. That’s why some financial institutions do offer both domestic and offshore merchant accounts that allow their customers to accept both credit cards and checks for retail and wholesale payment. Read on to find out about a few of the advantages of working with them below.

Full Service

These companies offer the same kind of service other business owners can expect with fewer hoops to jump through for cannabis sellers. Credit processing companies that specialize in working with dispensaries keep a risk assessment team, an underwriting team, and a tech support team on staff to offer the best possible services.

Quick Approval

Fast approval is essential when it comes to keeping a business running efficiently. Thankfully, dispensary owners can expect 24 to 72 hour approval times. This lets them get access to payments made with credit cards quickly and easily.

Tailored Business Solution

Readers who want to implement custom solutions for their businesses including tailored point of sale systems, shopping cart integration, and virtual terminals are in luck. These options are all available to dispensary owners who take out credit. This allows customers to come up with the perfect solutions to all of their payment processing problems.

Personal Account Managers

The main point of switching to a payment processing system that accepts credit cards is to make it easier to do business with a larger number of customers. That’s why the companies offering credit card processing services for dispensaries provide dedicated support from personal account managers to ensure that the businesses utilizing their services are able to take full advantage of them.

Secure Processing

Dispensary owners have a unique understanding of the importance of privacy. When they choose to work with a reputable credit processing institution, they can expect all of their information to remain secure.