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January 14, 2019

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Keeping a Good Windshield.

If you have some research on windshields you will realize that it’s made of three layers. The PVB is the plastic element and its work is to hold it together . Wind shield damage occurs in one of two ways, either through complete shatter and on the other hand you can have a rock shatter which will appear in the form of a star or a bullseye most of the times. Rock chips will appear to be innocuous but over time it will spread and over a large part of the windshield which you will notice if you will have the vehicle for a long period of time. The conditions of the road that you are driving on, the changes in temperatures are among conditions that are bound to accelerate the rock chips that are on your windshield. repair of windshields has improved over time and its actually better to repair because replacement comes at a cost .

You get to have exceptional results with repair, which is essentially preventative maintenance, when you catch the problem in time and decide to repair. The average motorist will not be bothered by a rock chip damage that is not in the acute care of the vehicle. Once the rock chip damage spreads and becomes a large crack on the windshield repair will not be an option you have anymore. When it has come to doing a replacement you need to find a windshield that is for your particular vehicle model.

When replacing the windshield, you are torn between an aftermarket part and the original windshield from the manufacturer, the original ones cost a bit more than the aftermarket parts. If the replacement you are getting comes with some additional modern features such as sun coatings then expect it to cost a little more than one without. The moment you do a replacement you have to tamper with the company seal of the original windshield which is hard to replicate once you undo. Improper replacement and fitting of the seal can lead to water leakages and eventually water damage which can be the gateway to more costly damages.

Another reason to ensure that replacements is done by professionals is in the event of an accident. The windshield role kicks in to hold the structural integrity of the passenger’s compartment so that the vehicle does not cave in on them. Some studies have proven the dangers of improperly installed windshields to be injuries and even death in worst case scenarios. It makes more sense to repair your windshield when the problems are minute and can be taken care of.

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