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January 14, 2019


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Benefits and Limitations of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy entails the use of laser energy in a non-interfering way to a produce photochemical reaction in tissues that are damaged or not functional. Laser therapy can lessen pain, ensure that inflammation is minimal, and make sure that there is a speedy recovery in conditions that have been persistent for a long time. It ensures that there is a speedy recovery in intense conditions. Moreover, it helps in boosting mobility and function especially when dealing with conditions that are characterized by a lot of pain and weakness. There are several claims that support the effectiveness of laser therapy; hence, many clinicians are absorbing the programs with a lot of confidence. Laser therapy has its limitations too.

Normal tissues are less damaged when laser therapy is done. It is perfect. As a result, there is decreased pain, scarring, blood, or even swelling on patients who get laser therapy. With laser therapy, operations take a short time. Laser therapy patients heal quickly, and there is a reduced chance of getting infections. For laser therapy to occur, the patient does not have to go through the experience of skin cutting. Moreover, patients do not necessarily have to take medicine; the idea of taking medicines is not in many people’s minds. Studies have shown that low-level laser therapy gives no significant side effects, especially when well used by a professional doctor.

Laser therapy requires a lot of money. It also requires substantial apparatus. Moreover, surgeons who have undergone special training can only perform it. Safety measures should be a priority to ensure that there are no damages. Moreover, the effects obtained after a laser therapy last for a short period. The patient tends to have no relief from the pain experienced after the therapy. Consequently, a doctor might need to keep repeating the whole treatment so that a patient may get some good results. Patients might find it necessary to return to the hospital 2-4 times in a week, which makes one tired. The eyes should not come into direct contact with the laser to avoid damage. The patient and the doctor should wear protective eyeglasses to ensure that their eyes do not get damaged by the laser.

The benefits of laser therapy supersede its limitations. It excites many to learn that laser therapy does not involve skin cutting. The fact that there is no record of taking medication after laser therapy directs many people to have the experience. People would love to experience this therapy where there is no medication afterward. The problem of eye damage can be overcome by wearing protective glasses when laser therapy is being performed. Furthermore, clinicians have started to practice this therapy hence many people might consider going for it. The monotony of returning to a doctor should not exist in patients minds, as a result, would be awesome. The patients should be able to bear with any pain since the result is good.

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